As the company reaches 5 years of trading and 670 million pounds in funding, the team is almost 100-people strong between our London, Manchester and Birmingham offices. The New Year has started with clear objectives and determination to reach them.

New business acquisition in particular is essential, as it is for any fast-growth company. The volumes of new clients are steadily growing each month, with increasingly more UK businesses turning to MarketInvoice to take control of their cash flow and access growth capital with ease. Still, there’s a huge segment of SMEs that are yet to learn about our unique solution offered in partnership with the British Business Bank.

The company’s approach to business development has been very much focused around inbound acquisition and Partnerships with various bodies including leading accountancy software platforms like Xero and Sage50. This has been very efficient in terms of generating a predictable volume of new users. As the company reached a new milestone, towards the end of 2015 we have established a new prospecting channel. The function of the Prospecting Team is to generate interest with companies that are most likely to benefit from using MarketInvoice.

I joined MarketInvoice in December and was the first person to be hired for the new sales team. Seeing the team grow as well as being able to contribute ideas to how it goes about reaching its objectives has been an amazing experience so far. The way we do prospecting is quite unique. We use a full stack of cutting edge tools providing data on companies and facilitate various Social Media channels. It has allowed us to reach out to segments that fit our product the most, and so far we’ve seen great results. This innovative way of generating demand is in line with our disruptive culture. Ironically, many tech businesses are stuck with less tech-savvy methods to conduct prospecting campaigns. (i.e the “cold calling” approach).

There is a strong emphasis on training for new joiners, where we learn a set of transferable skills like engaging with prospects on Social Media, building a personal brand online and using data to drive future activities. The end result is a team that excels in getting the word out there, as more and more businesses across the UK choose alternative finance over the banks’ offerings.

We’re looking for people to join our team who are passionate about business development, and using new ways to go about it. There are a few common denominators in the ideal outbound rep at MarketInvoice: perseverance, structure and a passion for sales. It’s a great time to be part of MarketInvoice in our journey to help businesses across the country grow. So if this sounds like you and you’re looking for a challenging opportunity to join one of the hottest Fintech startups in the world, get in touch.


If you are interested in working with MarketInvoice in sales or marketing role, please contact Will Conder, Head of Sales Recruitment on