Small and medium sized businesses make up 99.3% of all private sector businesses in the UK.

As part of the MarketInvoice Budget 2016 campaign, we’ve been finding out about what really matters to small businesses.




With George Osborne’s latest Budget announcements fast approaching, we’re looking at what small businesses think about the Government, how engaged they are with politics and which political party is working hardest for them.


So, are small businesses bothered about politics?

We polled 1,000 small business owners, and found that they’ve been left feeling disillusioned with politics in general. A massive 40% of businesses felt that their views aren’t represented in Parliament at all. The Conservatives were the front-runners in the popularity stakes with one in four small businesses voting them best.

Businesses are decidedly unimpressed with our current, Tory party Chancellor, George Osborne – just 9% believe that he’s done enough for small businesses. Uninspiring stuff.




Diving a bit deeper, it’s clear that there’s a North/South divide in the Chancellor’s approval ratings. Where as 22% of London-based businesses were happy with what the Chancellor has done so far, just 7% of businesses in the North feel that George Osborne has done enough for them.

There’s a particularly strong anti-political feeling in Northern Ireland and the North East where 53% and 50% respectively felt that small businesses were completely without representation.

What this data shows us is that businesses feel like there isn’t anyone fighting their corner. Although the Conservatives beat their rivals to be named the best party to represent small businesses they’re still falling short of what businesses need.


What does the Budget mean to small businesses? We’ve got some research on that too – read it here.