In the UK maintaining a healthy cashflow is one of the main difficulties businesses face.

When it comes to a growing company, cash is king. Failing to accurately forecast and manage your cashflow can quickly turn in to a nightmare – killing otherwise great businesses.


Healthy cashflow doesn’t always correlate with profit and business success. Poor cashflow is rarely a sign of a poor business idea yet it is the number one reason that businesses fail in the UK. You might have a lot of money due to come in but the peaks and troughs of running a business mean that you can be cash rich one minute and the next cash is a bit thin on the ground.

New technologies can make managing your cashflow less of a headache. We’ve teamed up with some experts in the field to produce a cashflow bible for your business – so you can navigate your cashflow challenges like a pro.

Meet the experts:



Float is a cashflow forecasting and cash management tool for businesses.


Wow is a national firm of accountants offering a genuinely proactive service to small businesses across the UK, from startup to £5m turnover.


At Chaser, their mission is to build Earth’s best products for chasing customers to pay their invoices on time. They understand how much it hurts when customers don’t pay their invoices on time.


MarketInvoice provides short-term finance for businesses. Businesses can unlock funds from their outstanding invoices in a matter of hours rather than waiting up to 120 days for payment.

Our ebook is the ultimate cashflow tool kit with tips on how to forecast, manage and maintain your cashflow.