Once in every generation a video is born. A video to beat all other videos. This is not that video.

This is the story of a different video. Our video. 

Towards the end of last year we started making a video for our careers page. The purpose was to show people what our company is like and attract the best talent around to continue the growth we experienced last year. What we wanted to get across was what it’s like to work at MarketInvoice day-to-day, how our staff feel about their jobs and our mission, and give people a glimpse into the company culture.

I believe what we came up with does exactly that and is a fantastic little video. This is how it came to be.

The clock struck ten… thirty. Morning. It was a clear. A chill hung in the air. After some kerfuffle with parking, our camerawoman and director arrived. They were professional and also relentless; filming inevitably went past the deadline but they were determined to get all the footage we needed.

Fitting in everything was actually the main challenge of the day. Our schedule was tight and we had to fit around all the staff’s schedules as well. My colleague Laura, the hard-worker that she is, didn’t have time to eat lunch.

That said, the day generally went well. Everyone was excited to get involved, bar some camera shyness, and after the indoor filming we went roving around Holborn and Covent Garden, getting footage of the area. This was the best bit of the day as we got involved in the vibrancy of the West End, which is one of my favourite things about working here.

And so, without further ado, here is the video: