Like all growing businesses we understand the value of media exposure and that recognition in the press can be a key to success. We’ve been profiled and featured in media such as the Financial Times, Wired and BBC News – coverage that massively contributed to our success – but we also know that it can be a challenge. This is why we want to help our business clients generate media interest.

Forming mutually beneficial partnerships for PR and marketing with our clients is an integral part of our mission.

Just this week we organised for one of our clients to be interviewed on BBC Radio 4. Viv Parry, owner of Exquisite Handmade Cakes is a great example of one of our business owners who has become a case study for MarketInvoice. We organised for her to appear on the Today programme and our press team went along with her to talk about her experience of alternative finance and promote her own business.

The radio slot was a great opportunity to demonstrate exactly what we as a business want to achieve – success and growth for our customers and not just in terms of working capital. Viv’s Exquisite Handmade Cakes story is a brilliant example of success.

If you’d like to hear the recording of the show on alternative lending that features Viv’s story and journey with us, take a listen here:

Any clients interested in conducting joint PR should contact our press officer at or 0203 697 9416. We help so many exciting, successful and growing businesses and we’re desperate to tell the world about as many of these as possible – and of course to share our role in their success.