Here at MarketInvoice we are on the home stretch of a bit of a marathon project to deliver our company rebrand. It’s been an exciting but all consuming exercise that has been a primary focus for us on the Marketing team for quite a few months now.

Looking back over the past few months we thought it’d be nice to share with you our experience and give you a bit of a behind the scenes insight into our rebrand strategy.

So, why is branding so important?

The word branding can be a bit misunderstood and intimidating. It’s often perceived as a bit serious; rules and regulations for massive companies.

Well, if you start to think about other words which are related to branding – impression, reputation, impact, judgements – even if you’re a smallish company, thinking big with your brand can massively stimulate growth. If your brand looks amateurish people will perceive it that way.

Your brand and logo is messaging. It talks about your company. Spells out your values to your customers. Branding is your business’ language of communication and ethos.

In a hyper-visual world saturated by design and graphical stimulation, dedicating time and effort to developing a strong brand and strategy can only stand your company in good stead.

Think of your brand as the personality of your business, understanding who you are and who you want to become is key. It’s important that you know what these unique traits are and can develop them to form your brand.

What catalysed our rebrand?

Our business is growing. And fast! So we thought that it was prime time to refresh our public image.

It was important to us that we reflected the innovation that we advocate with our product. The team has worked tirelessly to build our business and we wanted our new brand to reflect how far we’ve come and also how far we want to go. It’s a public expression of our evolution, which also serves to reflect our developing standards and promotes the business positively.

We wanted to create a brand that better reflected our identity and position as an innovative, FinTech company – we are modern, forward thinking and tech savvy but still a trustworthy, sophisticated and knowledgeable business within the fast moving finance landscape that we exist.

There’s a fair bit of evidence that rebranding can have multiple benefits: stimulating growth; gaining advantage on your competitors or to reflect plans for long-term market expansion. For us it was also about applying our values to everything that we do and rolling this out across the business.

Understanding who you are

Coordinating a long-term multi tiered rebrand project involved a lot of different elements. Whilst trying to identify our brand pillars and pin down exactly what we stood for as a business, research was really important. We thought it was important to involve our whole team in the project and asked them about MarketInvoice and what it meant to them and their role.

We engaged with a design agency to develop the visual aspects of our new logo and online presence. Alongside this, once we had finalised the logo we could start to produce the other aspects of the project. Refreshing the marketing collateral was next on the agenda and we’ve collaborated with designers to put together new leaflets, brochures and banners for both printed and digital use. These complement our slick new image and make the most of our new colour palette.

Working to create these assets helped us get a really good feel for the new brand and one of the more recent focuses of the project has been the brand guideline document. It’s the perfect summary of our journey up to this point, collating together and rolling out how to clearly and consistently apply the brand values to everything we do.

We had a long list of branded merchandise that we wanted (and a lot of requests from our enthusiastic colleagues) but decided to go for three key things initially; mugs, pens and T-shirts featuring the new brand. Although by no means a priority these sort of ‘fun and functional’ items helped create a buzz and sense of excitement about the rebrand amongst our team in the lead up to the official launch, in and around our office.

It hasn’t always been plain sailing but it’s been an exciting journey; making decisions that will help our company operate with cohesion and be projected in a professional and consistent way at all times but with personality and edge that will make us stand out.

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