If you’re trying to grow your business and put measures in place to take that leap out of the startup phase, your attention needs to be on sales. Read on to find out how with our top tips:

“The hardest thing you will have to do is persuade someone to pay money for something you have produced. Be relentless in your pursuit of customers”

Sales is fundamental to all business. If you want your business to grow faster, promoting and marketing your product effectively to reach more people is key.

If in doubt, generate sales.

The sales process should be at the centre of what your company does. Prioritising and closely managing this is a job that needs to be your number one focus, particularly when you’re starting out.

If you want to scale up your sales team it’s vital that you review and refine your current sales strategy first. Before you hire any new staff, plan ahead and fine-tune your sales process.

A key benefit of growth is the opportunity to define roles more clearly – individuals can become more specialised in their duties if you’d like them to and this also outlines a clearer long-term recruitment plan in terms of who you’ll need to hire.

Here are our top 4 tips for how to do this most effectively:

1. Review, test and learn

All machines have to be serviced and will occasionally require a new part or a little extra oil. It makes sense that your sales process will need evolution and tweaking in order for your company to grow.

Take a closer look at your process, hold discussions with your current staff and really scrutinise your client portfolio – ask questions, try different solutions – it’s the best way to evolve, improve and make your business more efficient.

  • Are customers placing repeat orders? If not, why not?
  • Are there missed leads or opportunities that could be picked up again if you had more staff?

Regardless of whether there are standout issues you should streamline your approach periodically to ensure you are maximising its effectiveness.

Map out the client journey so that you can identify areas where opportunities are being missed and truly understand whether it is effective.

2. Make mistakes

The important thing to remember is that for a growing business, imperfect activity is better than perfect inactivity.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, or trying different approaches such as more agile methods and processes of evaluation.

You will almost certainly get it wrong before you get it right.

3. Training

Internally have a clearly defined training structure for your sales team.

When you’re training and maintaining a high performance sales team remember a dual approach of both group and individual coaching is important:

  • Firstly, prep your team as a group; hold meetings and provide shared learning opportunities and discussions.
  • Always train representatives on an individual level as well and ensure this continues as part of your long-term strategy.
  • Hold one-on-one meetings with staff to deliver praise and help them to learn from mistakes or failures.
  • Have a clear and consistent training structure in place for new joiners.

4. Management

As your team grows, you need to hire a top-notch sales manager to implement this staff development strategy going forward.

Ensure your sales manager monitors your team performance and sales methods, be it listening to calls or reviewing their achievements and activity daily. They need to be great at both reporting to senior management and motivating their own team- getting the right person can make all the difference to your sales team.


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