Introducing Marketinvoice:Based in London, Marketinvoice is the UK’s first [[invoice marketplace|online trading marketplace]] allowing businesses to [[Selective invoice discounting|selectively sell the invoices]] of large business customers to raise [[working capital finance|flexible working capital]]. Businesses register on Marketinvoice, and then auction invoices due to be paid in 30, 60, 90 days, receiving cash in advance from global institutional investors who compete to provide funding at the lowest cost.

Cash funding for SMEs is provided through competitive auction from a wide range of institutional buyers (investment funds, asset managers, family offices, high net worth individuals). Marketinvoice serves to bring new capital into this market by creating a standardised and secure trading environment. It encourages those SMEs that do not wish to enter into traditional factoring due to cost, contractual, and reputational concerns, to selectively use the competitive marketplace at times when short-term funding is desired or required. Importantly, using Marketinvoice is completely confidential to a business’ end customer and no notification is necessary. Companies maintain control of their invoice collection procedures and customer relationships.

The main advantages of using Marketinvoice can be summarised as follows:

  • Immediate funding (can be transferred same day)
  • High advance rates (up to 90% of invoice value)
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Complete flexibility (companies only raise finance against invoices they choose to sell, no requirement to assign whole debtor book)
  • No monthly minimum or late payment penalty fees, use the platform when you want.
  • Price transparency, no hidden fees
  • Extended scope (our buyer capital is open to buy invoices not typically accepted by many factors and discounters)
  • Personal guarantees are not required
  • For young/start-up companies, no need to give up valuable equity to fund working capital

Latest company news:

  • Marketinvoice is currently fully operational with 10 businesses using the marketplace to raise flexible working capital. These businesses are in the recruitment, consulting, IT software, and wholesale industries, with many more companies looking to join from sectors including marketing, film production, accountancy, outsourcing, import/export and advertising.
  • Based in “Silicon Roundabout” of Old Street London, Marketinvoice was founded by two young entrepreneurs who first met while studying at Cambridge University. Having worked for investment banks in the city, they realised the innovative way that technology could be used to put finance back on the side of small business.
  • Marketinvoice successfully raised seed funding from a selection of high profile angel investors and former entrepreneurs. Please see our website for further details [Read More].

Featured Case Study:

ITS Ingenium: Despite over thirty years in the recruitment industry with strong contacts and blue chip customers, the founders of this new recruitment business found their short company history meant funding options were limited. Moreover, their bank was promoting an expensive factoring product which involved outsourcing credit control (potentially damaging their reputation with key customers), and high monthly service fees regardless of whether the business drew down on funding or not. There was a dearth of viable financing options until the founders discovered Marketinvoice. [Read More]

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